Sunday, 22 September 2013

Jason Colavito on Jason and the Golden Fleece

Jason Colavito has written an interesting series of posts about his work on the myths of Jason and the Argonauts.  His book on the subject is going to be published at some point and his posts are mostly clearing up little problems of analysis, but they're a fascinating insight into the difficulties of producing analyses of early European and Near Eastern myth, given the profusion of influences, societies, languages, cities, peoples, and places that could have been responsible for certain words and phrases.  So check them out:

Aea: An Indo-European or Near Eastern Dawn Land?

Georgia and the Golden Fleece: The Politics of Mythology

The Kursa and the Golden Fleece

Sign up to his blog for more interesting stuff on a range of topics, from Lovecraft to Apollonius to Ancient Aliens.  I'm constantly surprised at the depth of his knowledge on all of these topics, so I expect you will be, too.

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